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Athena’s story

"Having GP at Hand saved me just in time for my big day and meant I was able to walk down the aisle migraine-free."

I’d often have issues trying to book appointments with my local NHS GP, sometimes I’d have to wait weeks for a non-emergency appointment. Given my complex medical needs, I knew I needed to find a more efficient alternative. I’d seen adverts for GP at Hand on the tube, but was very skeptical about the thought of a digital doctor. Before signing up, I called the support team and asked them a tonne of questions, and I mean a tonne! After the chat, I felt less skeptical and decided to sign up and give it a go - and I’m so glad I did!

Since signing up, I have had both video and face-to-face consultations. All the doctors, nurses and support team members that I have dealt with have been beyond wonderful. They are knowledgeable, sympathetic and very considerate. Most importantly, they understand my needs and listen to me when I voice my concerns about my own body. This is particularly important for me as I have a number of complex needs and pre-existing conditions.

The day before my wedding, I came down with the most debilitating migraine and was unable to get out of bed. I booked a phone consultation through GP at Hand and, in less than an hour, was speaking to a doctor and had a prescription sent to my local pharmacy. With the help of a delivery service, I had my medication at my door no longer than an hour later. Having GP at Hand saved me just in time for my big day and meant I was able to walk down the aisle migraine-free.

GP at Hand has always worked seamlessly for me. From booking digital or face-to-face consultations to prescriptions and referrals, everything is always super easy and convenient. Switching from my old NHS practice to GP at Hand was the best decision for me and my health.

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Read Madeleine’s story

When my grandmother passed away last year I was beside myself with grief and as an expat I didn’t have any family close by to support me. With the death of my grandmother greatly impacting my mental health I decided to book a phone consultation through GP at Hand. The doctor I spoke to was so beyond kind and understanding. They spent the next 30 minutes talking to me about my mental health, helping me through my grief and informing me of helpful support organisations in my area. Without the app I would not have had the time to visit a clinic and this would have never had been possible.

The second time I used GP at Hand I was the sickest I had ever felt in my entire my life. I was so unwell I could barely move. I booked a video consultation and was able to see a GP very shortly after. The doctor was absolutely brilliant - he immediately realised the severity of my condition and diagnosed me with a double chest infection. He made me an appointment to have an x-ray at a GP at Hand clinic the very next day. In the meantime he also prescribed me appropriate medication which was sent to my local pharmacy. Having a doctor at my fingertips was so helpful throughout this ordeal, especially as I live alone so didn’t have anyone else around to help me. If it wasn’t for GP at Hand I’m sure I would have ended up in A&E.

I grew up in Africa where access to quality health care wasn’t always available, so I’d grown up with the mentality that you only go to the doctor when you’re really, really ill. This has been a problem for me as it often means my health issues snowball and become harder to manage than if I had had early medical intervention. Downloading GP at Hand has completely changed that for me. Knowing how easy it is to access a GP means I no longer put it off. I’m also a huge germaphobe, so I like to avoid sitting around in doctor surgeries at all costs - another great plus of using GP at Hand!

Read Anna’s story

I decided to move to GP at Hand when it became too difficult to get a doctor’s appointment with my old GP.

They used to have a service that let you call in the morning and get a same day appointment if you were very sick. After that was cancelled, you could be waiting two to three weeks just to get an appointment. Someone I know told me about the GP at Hand service, so I wanted to give it a go.

I wasn’t sure how it would work as a predominantly online service, but immediately things seemed really simple. To register, I just had to give the details of my old surgery so that GP at Hand could complete the switch. I was notified that this might take up to four weeks, but it actually happened really quickly - within an hour or two. After that I managed to get an appointment super quick; I chose the next day, but there were even appointments available for the same day.

After booking it was really great that the app sent me reminders, letting me know when it was almost time for the appointment so that I could get ready. I wasn’t sure how well a video appointment would work, but it was actually brilliant. The doctor was on time and the quality was perfect. I needed a referral letter that I could use with the private health insurance provided by my employer, and this was supplied without any difficulty.

I have been recommending the service to my friends, and two of them have registered already. They’ve been thanking me because they’re so happy with the service that they’re receiving!

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