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Access NHS GPs 24/7

Book a video appointment with a healthcare professional from the Babylon app at any time of day or night. Consultations are available 24/7 and you can usually be seen within 2 hours.

Just download the Babylon app to get started. It only takes a few seconds.

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See a GP from wherever you are

When it’s time for your appointment your doctor will call you through the app, so there’s no waiting around.

The doctor will discuss your symptoms with you and may ask you to show them some things on camera, such as a skin rash, or perform simple checks, like feeling the glands on your neck.

You’ll need to make sure you’re in a private place with a reliable internet connection. If for any reason the connection drops, your GP will call you back.

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Replay your appointment

If you’d like to remind yourself about the doctor’s advice, you can review your appointment videos and see the doctor’s notes at any time.

You can view your clinical records in the ‘Me’ section of the Babylon app. You’ll be asked to enter your password again for added security.

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Not sure if you need to see a GP?

Babylon’s interactive symptom checker asks you questions to analyse your condition and gives you useful medical information and accurate triage advice on what to do next.

This triage service has been developed by a team of dedicated doctors and scientists using the latest technology in artificial intelligence.

It’s always on your phone if you just have a quick question or aren’t sure if you need to speak to a GP.

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Face to face appointments

Sometimes you may need to be seen in person by a doctor or nurse, for example if they need to listen to your chest or carry out certain tests.

In these cases a face to face appointment will be arranged with you at your choice of our GP clinic locations.

Face to face appointments:

Monday to Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday 8am - 6:30pm
Saturday 8am - 5pm

Click here for details around home visits and urgent care.

Prescriptions and referrals

If you need an NHS prescription it will be sent to a local pharmacy of your choice for convenient collection. If you’re eligible for free prescriptions, this won’t change.

If needed, your doctor will be able to make NHS referrals to secondary care practitioners for specialist issues or therapies.

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The service is free for all patients who register with us as their NHS GP practice. You can register online, and you will need to validate your identity via the app before you see a GP.

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