GP at hand

  • The GP at hand partnership, whose registered address is 139 Lillie Road, London, SW6 7SX (GP at hand Practice), provides primary care services, commissioned by NHS England, to patients registered with its NHS GP practice in accordance its GMS contract.
  • The GP at hand Practice is one of our Partners and it offers a digital-first service to its patients called the “GP at hand Service”, which is provided by us.
  • The GP at hand Service is accessed via our App and/or the website (  If you choose to receive the GP at hand Service, your relationship with babylon is governed by our terms and conditions of business ( (Terms) as varied by this document. The Terms include details on our complaints procedure, what we need from you to provide our services, and how we may use your personal information (as further detailed in our Privacy Policy).
  • The GP at hand Practice shall not be responsible for the artificial intelligence symptom checker which is a separate service provided by babylon via the App.
  • If you meet the NHS eligibility criteria, then the GP at hand Service will be provided at no charge to you so long as you remain registered with the GP at hand Practice. Consequently, the provisions of our Terms relating to payment shall not apply to you in relation to the provision of primary care services and prescriptions (in particular sections I (Medicines) and S (Price and Payment) of the Terms) and are therefore excluded unless you purchase any features which are not NHS funded as set out in clause 6 below. 
  • Not all features of the App will be funded by the NHS. Where this is the case, this is explicitly stated in the App. Such features include but are not limited to home test kits which can be ordered via the App.
  • The GP at hand service support number is 0330 808 2217 and is charged at your standard network rate for landlines and mobiles.
  • Capitalised terms used but not defined in this document shall have the meaning given to them in the Terms.