Welcome to GP at Hand Affiliate Programme

A convenient way to access NHS healthcare

About GP at Hand

Babylon GP at Hand is an NHS GP practice that is available in London and Birmingham with more cities launching soon.

Customers can switch from their current GP to join 60,000 others enjoying all the benefits below....

Virtual GP appointment

See a doctor quicker. Video appointments are available 24/7 on mobile or tablet and often within two hours of booking.

Prescriptions sorted

Our NHS healthcare professionals prescribe medicines which you can collect from a local pharmacy of your choice, usually within the hour.

Your choice of clinics

If you need to see a doctor in person, we have five clinics in London and you can visit the one most convenient for you.

Digital Healthcheck

Healthcheck is a free information and educational tool to help you understand health risk factors, health profile, and lifestyle changes designed to help achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Instant symptom checker

Check your symptoms and get health information anytime using the symptom checker.

Medical records

Quickly view medical notes and replay a video of your appointment with records securely stored in your app.

Download the GP at Hand onboarding pack below for more information